Lifelong Stoke City supporter Stephenie Altham from AdGiftsOnline Limited had a Birthday and Christmas surprise when the company was the Official Match Sponsor for the Stoke City versus West Bromwich Albion match on 28th December.

AdGiftsOnline used the event to launch their fresh new brand identity to the 28500 fans at Britannia Stadium on the main and pitch-side screens. Steph’s day got even better when she went on to the pitch before kick off to meet the 2 Captains and match officials followed by Manager Mark Hughes in the dugout. She later named Mame Biram Diouf as the Man of the Match.

Her absolute highlight was discovering that she was sat next to the Stoke City Legend, Terry Conroy, for lunch. Steph saw Terry score the winning goal for Stoke against Chelsea in the 1972 League Cup Final at Wembley, which gave the pair plenty to talk about.

Managing Director, Tony Altham, said, “It was a pleasure to support our Premiership football team and we enjoyed meeting the captains and awarding Mame Biram Diouf with the Man of the Match trophy.”

“The sponsorship allowed AdGiftsOnline to showcase our new branding to thousands of people in our city and reinforced our position as a long established local promotional merchandise distributor.  All that said however, meeting Terry Conroy and seeing Steph chatting with one of her all time footballing heroes was a wonderful surprise bonus.  The day ended perfectly with another win for Stoke City“.

Business awards: AdGiftsOnline helps clients to make a lasting impression


Sentinel BusinessAwards

FOR companies looking to make their mark, AdGiftsOnline has the answer.

In fact, it has hundreds. From thermal mugs to stationery, sweets to wet wipes and brollies to bags, it is brimming with ideas of ways to promote businesses.

After pulling out all the stops to stay afloat when clients cut back during the recession, the tenacity of husband and wife team Tony and Stephenie Altham is now paying off.

Last year the company experienced a 60 per cent growth in sales, and turnover is continuing to rise this year. By the end of March, AdGiftsOnline, which is based in Newcastle, expects to double its revenue over those two years.

Managing director Tony said: “During the recession, spending on promotional items was one of the first things to go for a lot of companies, although others took the view they should increase their marketing at a time when their competitors had cut back.

“But at the moment there is a dramatic upturn, and the items which we are selling are changing too.

“We do about £500,000 of food and drink promotional items every year.

“Confectionery has proved very strong and we are now buying directly from the manufacturers, rather than third party suppliers.

“We’re also seeing a lot more workwear and corporate clothing orders and power banks, which allow you to charge your smartphone, tablet, camera and any other 5V USB-powered device wherever you are, can also be personalised and then given away as corporate gifts.

“Useful items are the ones that stick around, and industry research shows that these items, such as the things you have on your desk, are the best sellers.

“We are finding the stylus pens, which allow you to write on to your tablet, are selling more than your usual pens now.

“But we do a huge mix of things now. We’ve even done towels for one customer. It’s all driving our growth.”

And Tony and Steph’s decision to keep the faith and steer the business through the most straitened times means it is now in a position where it can invest in its own assets.

The team of seven has undergone a range of training courses, including first aid, with three employees currently studying for an NVQ.

Online marketing techniques have also proved successful, and now the company is preparing to recruit another apprentice. Future plans also include an upgrade of the IT infrastructure and phone systems.

It is entering The Sentinel Business Awards in the Growth category, sponsored by Dains.

This year, AdGiftsOnline staged PromoExpo, its first trade fair to showcase the power of promotional products and how they can support the development of a brand.

Tony added: “That event was a big success and we are already planning next year’s, with ideas to make it even bigger and better.

“We plan to have a business event running alongside it and invite organisations from the community to have stands there as well. During the worst times we lost three big customers worth £250,000, and while we managed to pull back in £210,000 of business, the margins were slashed and the sales conversion rate of one in three was slashed to one in 10.

“But we made the decision to stick with it and not make anyone redundant, and it was all worth it.

“Now we are in the process of launching a client merchandise sales package, where we run the whole thing from putting the merchandise together, running the website, to stock control and delivery.

“It’s a big expansion for us and we’re pleased with how it’s going.

“Eventually it will lead to more jobs, and we hope that over the next three years we will double in size to about 15 of us.”





_MG_8802Staffordshire based promotional merchandise distributor AdGiftsOnline Limited has won one of the top awards in the Business Boost 2014 competition.

The company took the prize for their outstanding contribution to the Borough of Newcastle-Under-Lyme and the people and business community within it.

The Business Boost Awards recognise not only the contributions that businesses within the area have made during the last 12 months but also work to support the future growth plans of the winners.

AdGiftsOnline Limited will be using the £1000 prize money towards their ISO 9001 and 14001 Accreditation and quality systems and procedures.


Managing Director, Tony Altham said, “We are delighted to have won the 2014 Business Boost Award and it is great recognition of the work put in by our colleagues to  achieve 60% sales growth last year and to put us 20% up on our sales during the current year so far.

We believe it is important for us to be ‘good neighbours’ and to play an active and supportive role in our community but to have this recognised with the Business Boost Award is wonderful. The money will help AdGiftsOnline and our team to bring forward our quality assurance plans which in turn will enable us to grow the business further and create more local jobs.”

Promotional Products Week 2014 Rocked


Promotional Products Week

Promotional Products Week (PPW) 2014, which took place from 15th to 19th September, has been hailed a fantastic success.

The PR campaign reached an audience of 17.8 million, which was more than double the previous year, and the comprehensive social media programme, which incorporated several different channels, saw significant increases across the board reaching a total audience of over half a million. More than 150 members were actively involved in promoting Promotional Products Week.

The extensive PR and social media campaign promoted the Week as well as pushed out the core messages about promotional marketing. In particular, highlighted positively the powerful role of promotional products in marketing and the high value of industry, whilst City AM confirmed the popularity of promotional pens by publishing an extract from PPW’s ‘What’s on your desk’ survey.

The Week officially started with Student Day, when 25 Brunel students took to the streets of London pushing forward the message to passers by that promotional products rocked! The jam packed day ended with Director-General Gordon Glenister being soaked with icy water in an Ice Bucket Challenge in Russell Square park before a vast audience of onlookers.

BPMA members were very keen to become involved in this year’s PPW and used some ingenious and brilliant ways to showcase their companies, offerings and services.

Award winning BPMA member Outstanding Branding showed they definitely know how to rock by producing a parody of Queen’s ‘We will rock you’ video, which received very positive feedback and in just over a week managed to reach 1,000 views on YouTube. The video proved so popular that former professional boxer and now Sky Sports commentator Johnny Nelson was one of the first to retweet it to his many thousands of followers.

Gordon Glenister, Director-General at the BPMA and organiser of the Week commented: “It has been an absolutely brilliant week and response has been very positive. None of us could have missed the prominent use of promotional merchandise in the Scottish Referendum campaign. In fact, we have estimated £0.25 million has been spent on items, which is the biggest share of marketing budgets ever in a political campaign.

“Plans and activities are already in the pipeline for PPW 2015, which will coincide with the BPMA’s 50th anniversary. As it will be a double celebration we want it to be much bigger and get the whole industry involved from the start.”

Feedback from BPMA members has been particularly positive. Melissa Chevin, Director of Marketing – UK at Senator, said:“We were delighted with the amount of brand exposure for LAMY writing instruments during Promotional Products Week and the activities of the BPMA really helped to raise the brand profile. These included samples in the hands of major tabloid, broadsheet and trade journalists and key personnel at London marketing associations.”

Gill Thorpe, Managing Director at The Sourcing Team commented: “We love the opportunity to make some noise about our amazing industry so, as last year, we fully embraced the opportunity to get involved with Promotional Products Week 2014. The ‘PromoSelfie’ campaign was a fun way to engage with our clients to find their personal favourite promotional product and if they shared that information with us then we donate to the charity.”

Sponsors also highlighted their support for the Week. “We were truly delighted to be involved as a sponsor – this was an important initiative to help us build our brand across the UK market,” commented Andrew Kouroushi, Sales Manager Stormtech.

“We found being a sponsor of Promotional Products Week to be a great way to co-operate with key clients and support their activity during this vital week focusing on our industry”, comments Matt Pluckrose, Managing Director of Desktop Ideas.

A video diary of the entire Week has been produced and can be viewed at:

Source || Sourcing City

Forget the Selfie – its time for the Deskie!



The BPMA are looking for desks with character, desks with style, desks that have seen a lot of life and a bit of loving by office workers around the UK.

Simply take a ‘deskie’, post it on Facebook at and you could be up for the ‘Desk of the Year’ Award as well as win £1,000 of desk accessories.

The Desk of the Year is a national campaign being run as part of Promotional Products Week (PPW) and anyone can submit their ‘deskie’ on Facebook until 19 September.

Snap a shot of your own desk or that of your colleagues.  Who has the untidiest work desk in the office?  Do your co-workers frown each time they walk past a desk? Is your desk covered or does everything have its designated place? In the business world of hot desking, why not show us how you have made it your own personal space, temporarily?

It doesn’t matter whether your working desk is in an office, the garden shed or even the kitchen table; why not take a ‘deskie’ and either post it on our Facebook page, email or tweet @PPWeek #PPWeek.

There is no need to tidy up beforehand, put pictures up of your children that weren’t previously there, clear the in-tray or get rid of excess coffee cups, crisp packets or chocolate wrappers; we want to see it all!

All respondents who upload a snapshot of their desk onto the Facebook page at; email or tweet @PPWeek #PPWeek will automatically be entered into a prize draw where the winner will receive £1,000 of desk accessories as well as the much coveted and highly anticipated title ‘Desk of the Year’ and will be presented with a beautiful plaque.

Come on Britain show us your desk!

Promotional Products Week takes place during the 15th – 19th September and is being run by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) and will see activity from its 600 plus members, including open days, events and hospitality, new product launches and special offers, as well as the BPMA Student Design Innovation Awards, which is run in conjunction with Brunel University

Source || Incentive and Motivation



Happy Friday Folks!

Earlier in the week, we showed you our Ellie Poo range and told you a bit about World Elephant Day | August 12, 2014.

AdGiftsOnline are proud supporters of this day and we’ve come up with our own competition. We want students from all over the UK to design their own elephant.

The winner will have their artwork featured on the cover of 250 Ellie Poo pads for their school!

You have until 12th September, 2014 to get your entries in.

This is the perfect boredom-buster for all kids through the 6 weeks!

Elephant Competition
Here’s the template:

If you have any questions about this competition or wish to order any of our Ellie Poo products, please contact us at

Promoting Your Business the ECO Way with World Elephant Day


AdGiftsOnline are proud supporters of World Elephant Day.

Up until 12th September 2014, for each order placed for our ECO-FRIENDLY Ellie Poo products through us – BORN FREE will provide a baby elephant with 280 pints of milk.
Milk ElephantWhat are Ellie Poo products?

These are a range of cover and wiro bound pads using ‘Ellie Poo’ card and recycled paper.

100% recycled Ellie Poo board is made with post consumer waste which has been collected from schools, colleges and offices around the UK. It is then mixed with elephant dung to produce the unique and very unusual Ellie Poo board. Contains no bleaches or detergents. Made within the UK.

Why do we supply elephant dung board? Elephants are used as working animals around the world and after their usefulness has ended due to injury or old age, they become a burden and are discarded.  Through the Ellie Poo range we support the Millennium Foundation in Sri Lanka who then look after these elephants.

Ellie PooAn unusual promotional product like this has several benefits which include being socially responsible, making your company memorable and making an impact.

To see our range of Ellie Poo pads, simply click here.

Just what is World Elephant Day?

On August 12, 2012, the inaugural World Elephant Day was launched to bring attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants. The elephant is loved, revered and respected by people and cultures around the world, yet we balance on the brink of seeing the last of this magnificent creature.

The escalation of poaching, habitat loss, human-elephant conflict and mistreatment in captivity are just some of the threats to both African and Asian elephants. Working towards better protection for wild elephants, improving enforcement policies to prevent the illegal poaching and trade of ivory, conserving elephant habitats, better treatment for captive elephants and, when appropriate, reintroducing captive elephants into natural, protected sanctuaries are the goals that numerous elephant conservation organizations are focusing on around the world.

World Elephant Day asks you to experience elephants in non-exploitive and sustainable environments where elephants can thrive under care and protection. On World Elephant Day, August 12, express your concern, share your knowledge and support solutions for the better care of captive and wild elephants alike.

World Elephant Day 2014

For more green products and merchandising solutions please call us on 01782 571 950 or email us at

Promotional Products Week 2014


Promotional Products Week 2014


Promotional Products Week is a celebration of the Promotional Products Industry.

Promotional products are more than just a freebie, if a promotional item is useful, research shows that 89% of people will keep it.

The aim of Promotional Products Week is to nationally raise the profile of promotional products and encourage their use within the marketing mix. We want companies to recognise the value of promotional products and understand the many different ways they can improve brand awareness.

  • Promotional Products Week (PPW) will take place from the 15th-19thSeptember 2014. This follows on from its inaugural launch in 2013 which proved highly popular and a resounding success
  • The ‘Week’ will showcase promotional merchandise at its best highlighting its essential role in the marketing mix and explaining why it’s continually used by marketers keen to make an impact on end users
  • Sales of promotional products in the UK are worth a staggering £840 million per annum

 A survey commissioned by PPW in 2013 found that the UK is a nation of freebie hunters and that brands who use promotional products as part of the marketing mix will reap the benefits.  The research found that 3 in 10 consumers had purposely changed their regular brand in order to receive a promotional product. Furthermore almost a sixth of consumers said that they would use devious means, such as giving out false personal details or gaining uninvited entry to a venue or event, to acquire a free product.

Source || BPMA

Happy (Promotional) Milk Chocolate Day!


Promotional Chocolate

What better way to promote your business than with a sweet treat which has been proven to increase endorphin levels?

Promotional chocolate is a fantastic freebie and here are just a few reasons why:

– It appeals to clients in all business sectors and is desirable and appealing.

– It has a short lead time, quick turnaround and is cost effective.

– It can be branded with your own logo and message.

– It can be used for any event, season or holiday period.

– Your client will leave with a smile and your business will be remembered as a generous organisation as well as be kept at the forefront of their minds.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most popular stories in modern culture and many people know the tale of the Winning Golden Ticket.  Just imagine taking that concept and putting your own incentives under the wrapper of a delicious promotional chocolate bar.

AdGiftsOnline can even help you have your own promotional ‘Wonka’ style bars and other tasty ways to get your message across.

Get in touch via or 01782 571 950 and let us help you best!