Reuse Don’t Lose


According to figures released by the Waste and Resources Action Programme ( the number of single use plastic carrier bags given to customers at the seven leading UK supermarkets  has dropped for the fourth year in row from 10.6bn bags in 2006 to 6.1bn in May 2010.  More and more people are welcoming reuseable shopper bags.  Not only are they environmentally friendly but also tend to be stronger and look nicer to carry around than a standard plastic Tesco carrier bag!

One shop at my local garden centre is genius!  They give you your purchase in a reuseable cotton shopper bag with their logo on both sides.  I have been using this bag frequently, walking around town picking up my bits and bobs and at the same time advertising the shop everywhere I go!   It also keeps the shop in my own mind so I don’t forgot about them if I ever need something for there.

So what I’m saying is, promotional cotton shopper bags are like a mobile advertising billboard so if you’re not already out there then don’t delay any more!   If you run a high end shop, are exhibiting at an event or just want to get your brand out there, then promotional cotton or recycled shopper bags are ideal to hand out.  With hundreds of different sizes and colours available there are many options to make your bag stand out from the crowd and get you remembered.

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