Promotional merchandise personalization and branding options


Branding and personalization options for promotional products and gifts vary considerably and it is important to choose the right products for your particular artwork and the right artwork solution for the products you choose.

Origination costs can have a significant impact on the item costs if for instance, your branding is required in full colour and a separate screen is required for each of the print colours to be used. While the advent of digital printing has revolutionized the promotional products industry, products unsuitable for digital branding can involve more costly origination and set up costs which pushes up the unit cost for the finished goods.

To achieve the best quality representation of your branding you will need to supply your logo or artwork in various formats. Typically, a Vector EPS file is the preferred and most versatile option for the majority of goods although PDF and even JPEG files can also be suitable.

A Vector file is scalable without losing image quality and all fonts are converted into graphic images within the overall artwork. Most files will need to be at least 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) or higher to be suitable quality for reproduction. JPEG and GIF files are in most cases too low in terms of resolution although JPEG files are often suitable for embroidery because the embroidery disk used as the template for the job is copied from the image rather than being a print of the image itself.

A good distributor will always advise on this and confirm the print area available for each product at the time you are making your product selection. They will also be able to redesign and reformat your artwork for you to ensure it is suitable for the individual items chosen.
Products will be personalized in a number of ways and the main ones are as follows:

Digital Print

Screen Print

Tampo Print

Litho Print




Laser etching and engraving

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