Increasing mobile phone technology floods the promotional market


Did you watch the latest series of the Apprentice?  Do you remember Susan selling a large order of 1500 multi purpose spider grips to a mobile phone retailer?  For those of you who didn’t see them, they are quirky bendy product with 8 legs which resembles a spider.  The 8 legs can hold almost any device and can be attached to almost any surface.  These spider grips are now available as a promotional item which can be personalised with your logo with a full colour domed label or embossing.  What better promotional item is there than something that’s been seen on TV!

Another fantastic new product is the Zens wireless charger which incorporates Qi technology.  It is a wireless charging pad which has been developed to charge mobile phones and other portable devices up to 5W.  The technology is rapidly developing in popularity and is being adopted by many brands for an increasing number of portable devices (such as mp3 players and cameras) making this a cutting edge promotional product which your customers will love.  You can check the latest compatible smartphones here.

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