Factors to Consider When Buying Promotional Products


Are you new to buying promotional products, or are you searching for some ideas?   Here are our top tips for selecting the promotional products that will be most effective for your campaign.

1. Budget and distribution

The first thing you need to think about is your budget.  How will you be distributing the products?  If you are mailing them out then you will probably want to factor this in to your budget.  Bulky items will need to be sent as a Royal Mail packet which will cost over £1 to send so you might want to take this into account when selecting your products.  Products such as promotional mousemats and coasters are flat and lightweight to send so mailing will cost much less.

2. Audience

Who will be receiving your products?  Are you doing a mass giveaway to thousands of people or giving special gifts to select clients?  Promotional pens are still a fantastic giveaway when you are trying to reach a lot of people as they are low cost and most people will hold on to them.

3. Longevity

What is the message you are trying to get across?  Do you want something that will sit on someone’s desk for months / years or are you running a particular promotion where a more throwaway or edible item will be just as effective like promotional confectionery.  If you are exhibiting at an event, promotional bottled water is a great giveaway for thirsty delegates who will be attracted to your stand to get their drink.  Do you want the product to be useful and to be held on for longer?  We are heading into the winter months now so something like promotional ice scrapers are an ideal budget giveaway for the coming months.

If you require more information or guidance please contact AdGiftsOnline on 0870 143 0700.

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