Anyone for Easter Eggs?


In the promotional gift marketing calendar, Easter remains one of the busiest times of the year and typically, the focus is naturally on branded promotional Easter confectionery.

For many Marketing Professionals, thoughts readily go to personalised Easter Eggs and branded Easter Chocolates as favoured options for thanking customers and staff as well as for raising brand awareness through themed marketing campaigns and at exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events. There are however many alternative options to suit your organisations branding and budget requirements so you have a great many options available to ensure that you achieve your business goals.

When planning your campaign there are some important points to consider before you choose your Easter gifts.  For instance

Are you mailing them out or giving them to your customers and staff in person?

Do you want branded or plain packaging?

Do you want the gift to be retained and used long after you have given it?

Is it a mass promotion or a high quality Easter gift to be given to a small number of people?

Who is your audience and what age are they?

Are you putting several promotional items together to create a larger gift or Promotional Easter Hamper?

Do you want to give an individual gift or is it important for it to be a sharing gift?

If you are mailing your Easter gifts to your customers then it will be important that they can be transported easily and that they are strong enough to arrive in one piece.  Solid chocolate Easter Eggs, boxes and bars of promotional chocolates and mini foiled Easter Eggs are all perfect solutions in this case.  Similarly, shaped and moulded chocolates, printed Neapolitans, sweet potsand branded sweet tins are tasty and individual.

Likewise, with postal charges in the UK now based on size and weight, a gift that can be despatched in a padded mailing envelope will save a great deal of the costs that would otherwise be involved if you need to use mailing cartons.  Whereas gifts that you will give in person can be larger, more delicate and have retail style packaging like cellophane wrapped bags and large Easter Eggs with hand tied ribbons.

If you want branded packaging as well as a branded promotional gift then this can all easily be created as part of your overall order and your professional promotional merchandise distributor will help in creating a unique bespoke solution to reflect your branding.

Confectionery is always popular as a thank you gift, especially as most people enjoy a little chocolate now and then and when you combine it with discount vouchers, marketing and incentive messages you create a powerful marketing campaign.

However, if you want to ensure that your customers have something to keep and use long after the sweets and chocolate are gone then mini foiled eggs in branded mugs or desk pots and tins of candy coated jelly eggs and chocolate covered jelly beans are ideal

Plan ahead and allow plenty of time to receive your gifts and despatch them to your customers and clients.  Although 15 to 20 working days is generally a safe bet for production and delivery of most personalised Easter gifts, there are many options available that can be delivered quickly from our Express Delivery Range.

As a fundraising tool, branded Easter Eggs and Easter Sweets and Chocolates are perfect for charities because with a little planning they can be designed and promoted in advance to motivate their supporters to buy them for family and friends.

Whatever products you choose, Easter is definitely a key themed marketing season so think differently and you will surprise your customers and staff in a positive and memorable way.

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