A small investment in corporate rewards can lead to thousands in sales revenue


The majority of the time companies will use promotional gifts to hand out at exhibitions or as a mail out campaign to help win new business.  Equally as important as this is looking after your existing clients and is essential if you want them to stay loyal to you.  At AdGiftsOnline we send out little presents throughout the year to surprise our clients and show how much we appreciate them.  We find that this is an essential way to maintain our clients loyalty.

A good example of this was two years ago we provided a new client with some promotional sweets.  There was going to be a potential delay with the delivery as the van they were on had broken down.  As soon as we realised this, we called the client to inform them and kept them up to date with the progress.  We managed to rearrange the delivery and arranged for the promotional sweets to be delivered directly to the event just in time.  Our client was really impressed with the way we had handled the situation and was relieved that they had their sweets in time for their event.  But what impressed them the most is when two days later a box of nine cup cakes landed on their desk.  Eight of them has their company logo and “thanks from AdGiftsOnline” was on the centre cake.   They were so surprised and delighted that we took the time and effort to send them a thank you present that they didn’t hesitate in placing more orders with us and they are now one of our top 5 clients.

We have found the best type of promotional gift to reward clients is something that can be shared out in their office.  The promotional cup cakes are a great product for this, as are boxes and tins of chocolates too.  A small investment in a present for your clients can be worth thousands in sales.

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