Why promotional products build business opportunities


Promotional products are a tried, tested and proven undisputed success when it comes to value for money marketing and promotions. Whether you want to raise or reinforce brand awareness, communicate a marketing message, promote an event or just say hello, thank you, welcome or goodbye to prospects, customers or staff, the power of free gifts and incentives is undeniable.

Innovative promotional products grab attention and have undoubted stickability because they invariably  keep your logo and message right in front of your customers for days, months and even years after they were originally given.

From freebies like promotional mugs, promotional bags, promotional pens, promotional coasters, promotional drinks and promotional sweets given out at trade shows and conferences to on pack and in store promotions, giving people something for nothing definitely grabs attention.

Promotional products in most cases are emblazoned with your logo and marketing message and often now this is in full colour print. Within the hundreds of thousands of items that are termed as promotional products come the product categories classed as advertising specialities, incentives, premiums, business gifts, eco, recycled and environmentally friendly, plus rewards and awards to name just a few.

Prices range from as little as a few pence per item for mass giveaways right through to price on application for completely bespoke one off unique solutions so there is always something for everyone in terms of choice and budget. The key to success with your promotions is choosing the right product at the right price, and ensuring that it can be personalised and branded to best effect with your company and event details, so your customers will value it and keep it. Although the individual item costs are typically low, the UK, European and Global market for personalised promotional products, business gifts and incentives is worth £billions per year.

Almost any business, charity, educational or government organisation can benefit from using the right products to communicate their message and brand in a cost effective and visually effective way.

This Buyers Guide will help you to understand the differences between products and the numerous techniques for branding them with your marketing message. It will also enable you to make informed buying decisions so you will maximise the effectiveness of your promotion and achieve best value for your marketing spend.

Benefits of promotional products and business gifts
When used effectively, promotional products have a fantastically beneficial and positive impact for any one using them to convey their marketing message. Because we all like free gifts, the value of promotional products is far greater than their cost and this is especially true when the product is something the recipient will keep and use on a frequent and ongoing basis.

Promotional pens and coffee mugs, coasters and laptop bags, promotional usb flash drives and promotional clothing and umbrellas are just a few top selling items that fit comfortably within this category. Remember as well that your branding will be seen by others as well and not just the individual who receives and uses your promotional gift. So you can see just how easy it is for a £1.00 coffee mug or an umbrella to reinforce your branding with the user as well as everyone else who sees them using it.

With so many products available for promotional use, including many leading product brand names, it’s easy to see their flexibility. They can be tailored to individual groups of people, different industries, specific campaigns and used as stand alone or as part of a larger marketing campaign.

Numerous studies have proved time and again, the value and power of promotional products to boost brand recognition, increase response rates and create a favourable and positive impression of the company giving them away.

Author: Tony Altham – www.tonyaltham.com

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