Why Towels Make a Great Promotional Item


Towels are one of the most daily used items and they last for years.  So why not use a towel as a promotional item?  There are many other reasons that make towels the perfect promotional product. 

Promotional towels can be ordered in a large variety of sizes to suit a variety of uses and budgets. Promotional towel styles available are 

–         promotional tea towels

–         promotional bath towels

–         promotional beach towels

–         promotional sports towels

–         promotional golf towels

–         promotional face cloths

–         promotional guest towels

–         promotional hand towels

–         promotional bar towels

There aren’t many promotional products that have as large a branding area as promotional towels.  There is lots of space to print your company logo and have a bespoke design to really make your brand stand out.  All of the promotional towels can be printed or embroidered.  Full colour personalisation is available on the promotional velour towels to create a really stunning all over print.

Promotional beach towels are an ideal promotional product for over the summer months.  They are popular giveaways for holiday companies and travel agencies who want their brand to be seen where it is most important to be seen – by the pool or beach!  Promotional beach towels can even be supplied with a pillow that can be rolled up and secured with a band for easy transportation.

Promotional tea towels, bath towels, hand towels, and guest towels are a popular promotional item with hotels and guest houses.  The towels shows the hotels attention to detail and will leave a lasting impression with the guests.  The promotional towels would also make a great item for resale in the hotel gift shop to remind the guests to return.

Promotional bar towels are a fantastic giveaway for drinks companies to give to pubs, bars, restaurants and night clubs to help promote their brand within the venue.  The venue can use them on the bar to encourage their customers to buy certain products.

To find out more about promotional towels call 01782 571950 or e-mail sales@adgiftsonline.com

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